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If your child demonstrates any of the following then VTTS Tutors can help:
Doesn’t take notes or pay attention in class or incomplete notebooks.
Negative attitude/lack of confidence
Lack of motivation – Doesn’t care.
Sloppy work habits (doesn’t read question carefully)
Lack of discipline – Doesn’t practice homework.
Lack of interest in studies or overconfidence.
Yes. VTTS tutors know the different ways by which students learn and adjust their teaching style best to suit them. Our experienced tutors provide encouragement and motivation. They do not just provide answers but rather assist students in problem solving to get answers. The objective is to focus on tasks within the context they are assigned.
Yes. VTTS have a strict recruitment process. Every tutor is fully trained and tested on all aspects of teaching and learning processes. They are successful only after displaying the following desirable attributes: high academic performance, relevant experience, compassionate personality, dedication, and reliability.
Most of VTTS tutors are college graduates, some with Masters or PhD degrees in their respective fields. They are experienced and have met all necessities to become accredited tutors. We have found that a specific degree does not always equate to best tutor. We evaluate our tutor’s suitability to be effective tutors based on their personal experience, understanding of teaching and learning principals and personality.
Our dedication to customer service is absolute. If you have a question or concern that cannot be answered by our tutor, feel free to call us or Email/SMS us, you will receive a call, usually within the same day by a senior employee of VTTS.
You can contact one tutor at a time, communicate with each other and fix demo class, after demo class if you are satisfied, then go ahead, confirm VTTS, your demo class will be counted as 1st class.

If you are not satisfied, call VTTS and give the reason of refusal, tell what your expectations from tutor are, we will arrange someone according to your update requirements.

Emergencies happen, and tutors and we try to be as understanding and flexible as possible. To avoid any misunderstandings, we require that you let both us and the tutor know of a cancellation 24 hours prior to the class. It is our policy and we expect you to abide by it. That is the key to our successful student-tutor matching endeavours. We would also need to know the reason for your cancellation of a particular session.
We do respect privacy and do not share any data with any 3rd party network.
Yes. The professional relationship between the student and tutor is important for the student’s success. If at any time you feel that the tutor isn’t a good match for your ward, just let us know and we’ll provide you with a more appropriate tutor.
Give us a call or email or fill request tutor form. We will discuss the student’s needs and arrange a demo class with no obligation to continue.