Categories of Tutors

Categories of Tutors

We have three categories of Tutors

1. Prime Tutors
2. General Tutors
3. Backup Tutors

Who are Backup Tutors?

When a tutor fills the Tutor Registration form completely with all fields properly filled and uploads all relevant documents supporting his/her information, then he/she will be automatically registered as a Backup tutor. He/she will receive a confirmation E-Mail regarding this.

As we are in this profession for a long time, we have reliable teachers in almost every field/class/subject.

But sometimes there are situations when they are unable to go there or we don’t have teachers according to clients’ requirements.

In this case, we call/message Backup Tutors, check their availability and appoint them.

But this process is slow, sometimes a tutor has to wait for a whole session to get tuition. If the tutor is not in hurry, wants only one-two assignments then this option is best suited to him/her.

But if a tutor needs tuitions on an urgent basis then obviously he/she has to pay the registration fee. For Paid Registration, there are two categories PRIME TUTORS and General Tutors.

Who are General Tutors?

First, we search our database for prime tutors for a particular inquiry, if we do not find any suitable tutor, then we search in the General Tutors category, after that Backup Tutors category.

General Tutors will get tuitions only when no Prime Tutor is available at a particular location. Tutors who are not in a hurry and have time to take only one or two tuitions may join as General Tutor.

Who are Prime Tutors?

Most of the tutors who work with us are Prime Tutors. Prime tutors as the name suggests are tutors who are on our First Preference.

Prime tutors are like our permanent employees who work on a commission basis but get a healthy amount every month from our tuitions like a fixed salary.

We always try to keep them occupied, try to give classes in the same location/nearby locations to save their time.

Only those tutors are selected for Prime Tutors who are honest, reliable and do not hide anything from us.

We (Bureau and tutor) both think for the benefit of each other it is necessary for a long relationship.


How may you get benefit if you join as a prime tutor?

How are we different from others?

What are the real benefits to pay 10% every month?

Before asking these questions.
Ask yourself, why do I need a bureau?
What are my expectations from a bureau?

Probable thoughts which may come to your mind are

  • I am unable to fulfil all my time slots using the resources currently I have.
  • I can earn more if my free time is properly utilized.
  • I have already told all my friends or known persons but still unable to utilize my vacant time.
  • I can distribute pamphlets but again it is not much effective these days.
  • I don’t know how to promote myself on Google.

Should I contact a tuition agency (bureau)?

Ohh…Tuition agency?..……
What I am thinking?……….

  • Bureaus are cheaters,
  • they exploit teachers,
  • they don’t give money on time,
  • always keep some amount with them by giving lame excuses,
  • give fake inquiries, send the same inquiry to 5-7 tutors.


Many such negative thoughts may come to your mind.

Yes, you are right, some bureaus are like that.

But many bureaus give genuine leads, care for their teachers, and support their teachers when they are in need. VTTS is one such bureau.

How VTTS is different from others?

1. Genuine Leads:

We are in this field since 1995.

We have goodwill in our area. We get genuine and reliable leads from our past clients.

Even we have clients who have hired teachers for themselves, now they are hiring teachers for their children.

2. Organized System:

We are always in touch with our clients.

We take monthly feedback, if they have any issue with the teacher we sort it out smoothly as soon as possible.

Issue digital receipt of fees collected every month.

Help students by giving notes, assignments, and question papers of other schools when they have any such requirements.

All these things build a strong relationship between us and clients.

That’s why most of our leads are 100% genuine and long-lasting.

3. Supports Tutors:

We always support our tutors in all circumstances like when they need any kind of guidance, need study material, any type of misunderstanding/dispute with clients.

When you need a few days’ breaks we can try to arrange a temporary replacement tutor on behalf of you on your demand to save your tuition(s).

Never let you feel that you are alone.

4. Allows tutors to collect most of their fees.
5. Rewards Tutors:

We reward you by giving you, healthy amount of tuitions, tuitions of our reliable clients, long-lasting tuitions when he or she performs better compared to other tutors.

We have an automatic points system to maintain all this.

6. Career Growth System:

Hardworking and deep subject knowledge tutors grow much more compared to others in our system.

  • We give creamy tuitions to them,
  • engaging them in coaching institutes,
  • help them to start their institutes,
  • help them to start their online coaching system to teach students of other states/countries.
7. Promote you on Google:

We promote our permanent tutors on Google through our website and other means.

When anyone searches you with your name or your teaching subjects in your locality, Google will list your detail with student references and feedback.

To maintain all these we have to do extra hard work. All this also consumes more resources.

This is one of the reasons why do we charge 10% every month.

Don’t worry you don’t have to pay this amount from your pocket.

We already charge monthly fees 10% higher compared to others bureaus. We can do this because more than 60% of our tuitions are from past clients or reference tuitions.

We already have surplus Prime Tutors, backed by General Tutors and Backup Tutors.

So we never force you to take a particular class.

We drop a WhatsApp message to you by giving student detail, his or her exact location, fee fixed, the number of day’s student need classes, etc.

You simply have to think, OK…. this is the fee amount.

I have to pay 10% every month. Reduce 10% from that fee amount.

Now think if this amount suits me.

It’s purely your decision to accept or reject that tuition. We never force you to take a class for which even you are 99% interested.

You may take our services to fill your vacant time slots. When you are sure you may get tuitions from your resources. Simply reply “sorry I don’t have time”. We don’t have any problem with this type of reply.

You may take our 10% service charges positively. Even if you have just 1 or 2 tuitions from us, you will be in our touch as we will communicate with each other every month regarding that class or classes.

This will helps us, to build a long relationship and to understand each other more effectively.


Now a question arises how VTTS allot tuitions to prime tutors?

On what criteria VTTS select a tutor for particular tuition?

Let us take an example to explain our system. Let us assume VTTS gets 2-3 calls for a particular subject say Maths in a month or we can say around 30 calls in a year at a particular locality.

Clients put many conditions on us to choose tutor, like

  • based on Gender,
  • Qualifications,
  • age group,
  • school teacher,
  • timings,
  • Language fluency,
  • married,
  • unmarried,
  • college-going, etc.

We need at least 8 to 10 maths tutors based on varieties of demands by clients in a year for these 30 calls, which means around 20 maths tutors in a year for 60 to 70 calls and so on….

At the start of the session when we have plenty of result-oriented, honest, reliable tutors available.

In which order to occupy them is a tough task for us.

To solve this problem VTTS has developed a software that awards points (positive as well as negative) to tutor based on,

  • feedback taken by VTTS from clients,
  • their behaviour,
  • timings punctuality,
  • subject knowledge,
  • bonding with students,
  • feedback given by tutors to VTTS on time,
  • punctuality of classes reports send to us,
  • timely commissions given by you to us,
  • Number of classes fixed by you, etc.

Based on all these points/criteria software suggests tutors to us at a particular location/ subject/ class.

So we can say there is tough competition among tutors to maintain their points to get tuitions timely.