Tutor Registration Step3

Thanks to have faith on us …….

  • This is the final screen of this form. Before moving further let me explain how do we work and select teachers.
  • When a tutor fill this form completely with all fields properly filled and upload all relevant documents supporting his/her information, then he/she will be automatically register as a Backup tutor. He/she will receive confirmation E-Mail regarding this.
  • As we are in this profession for a long time. So we have reliable teachers almost for every fields/classes/subjects. But sometimes there are situations when they are unable to go there or we don’t have teachers according to clients requirements. In this case we call/message Backup Tutors, check their availability and appoint them.
  • But this process is slow, sometimes a tutor has to wait for a whole session to get tuition. If tutor is not in hurry, wants only one-two assignments then this option is best suited to him/her.
  • But if tutor needs tuitions on urgent bases then obviously he/she has to pay registration fee. For Paid Registration there are two categories PRIME  TUTORS and General Tutors.
  • Prime tutors as the name suggests are tutors which are on our First Preference.
  • First we search our database for prime tutors for a particular enquiry, if we do not find any suitable tutor, then we search in General Tutors category, after that Backup Tutors category.
  • Prime tutors are like our permanent employees who work on commission bases but get a healthy amount every  month from our tuitions like a fixed salary.
  • We always try to keep them occupied, try to give classes in same location/nearby locations to save their time.
  • Only those tutors are selected for Prime Tutors who are honest, reliable and do not hide anything from us. We (Bureau and tutor) both think for benefit for each other, obviously it is necessary for a long relationship.
  • Tutor can give his/her preference, but the final decision will be obviously on us.
  • How much you have to pay for each category and what are our terms and conditions, please refer to next section.
1. Registration Charges:
  • Prime Tutors : Rs 1200*/-
  • General Tutors : Rs 600/-
  • Backup Tutors : Free Registration
    • *Registration Charges can be adjusted from 1st month commission for well Qualified, Experienced and Result oriented Teachers.
2. If you get any assignment either by SMS/Phone, the registration fee will not be refundable.
3. Commission (applied for all tuition provided by us or any of our clients)
    • For General Tutors (First Month Only) : 60% of the monthly fee (for average no. of classes subjected to minimum 6 classes). No Further Charges from next month.
      • For Prime Tutors (those who get as many assignments as He/She requires in Preferred Locations on Priority basis)
        • (a) 50% of the First Month.
        • (b) 10% from the next consecutive month till the tuition lasts.
    • Short term packages (crash courses): 25% of total amount received in less than 2 months.
      • For Prime Tutors : 20% of total amount received in less than 2 months.
4. In case of registration amount refund (for Prime Tutors only) : We will refund only 60% of registration amount after deducting 40% as administration charges.
5. Lifetime membership fee Rs. 3000/- [neither transferable nor refundable under any circumstances]
6. Tutors are requested to update us about their present address and mobile/phone number immediately if changed and are requested to show/provide your ID proof to clients if demanded by them.
7. First month’s fees will be collected by us only or by tutor if allowed by us.
8. If any tuition continues for the next year, the tutor has to pay the commission as applied.
9. If client calls a tutor after giving gap of few days / weeks / months of the demo class then it is the responsibility of the tutor to update us as early as possible.
10. When a tutor is given tuition, then it is the responsibility of the tutor to inform us about the developments as early as possible.
11. The tutors will have to be punctual and regular. If any tutor is not punctual or regular, then his / her registration may be cancelled.
12. In case of any fraud by tutors with client or with us, we are free to take legal action against him/her.


“We always have full faith on our teachers whatever the matter is…… But when we come to know he/she has spoken lie to us or betray us, then we break all relations with him/her and never deal with him/her in future”.

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